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Tools and Calculators

Where do I begin?

It's remarkably easy to estimate how much money your children are likely to need. Connect to our College Savings Planner, project college costs and take the first step in creating a realistic college savings plan.
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Am I Saving Enough?

Provide simple answers and this tool responds to the question, are you saving enough? Then, evaluate factors you can change (how much you currently save, how long you will work) and the ones that are beyond your control (inflation, tax rates) for a complete picture.
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Savings Calculators

To choose the best option for you, consider each plan's benefits.
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Investment Goals

Do you know what the most popular investment goals for all mutual funds investors are? According to the Investment Company Institute (ICI), a national association of investment companies, retirement planning is first and college savings is in the number two position.* If this sounds like your situation, you're clearly not alone. Use our calculators to make sure you are on track.
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IRA Calculators

Tools that can help determine how to reach your goals.
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