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Life Insurance

Financial Security For Your FamilyYour Home Mortgage PaymentRetirement Alternative
to 401K or IRA

“What would your family do without your income? Ask us how life insurance can help protect their future!”


It’s inevitable that death will occur over the term of your life, not necessarily over the term of your insurance – unless you have permanent life insurance. Investing in Life Insurance today will prove to be your most critical and valuable decision.

Ensure that your family members (beneficiaries) are able to cope with the loss and make up for the financial support that you provided them during your life. You can continue protecting your family even when you’re not physically around anymore.

Life insurance will embrace your financial responsibilities and adequately provide for your loved ones.

Most Common Reasons for Buying Life Insurance

  • Income replacement
  • To guarantee that the mortgage would be paid off
  • To lock in a low premium at a young age
  • To transfer wealth to your family after death
  • As a tax advantaged way to save or invest
  • To provide funds for a college education
  • As a way to pay estate taxes and create estate liquidity
  • For business purposes, such as partnership buy-sell


What can Life Insurance Do for Your Family

  • Buys Time-Allows loved ones to focus on their grief by helping to pay for the funeral and other final expenses.
  • Provides a fresh start-Lets loved ones start with a clean slate by helping to pay off credit card bills outstanding loans and even the mortgage.
  • Generates Income-Helps replace lost income for years to come so that surviving family members can continue to pay for life’s necessities.
  • Offers flexibility-Gives a surviving spouse the chance to take time off from work or to switch to a job that offers a more flexible work schedule.
  • Creates opportunities-Can provide funding to start a business, or pay for schooling so surviving family members can train for a new career.
  • Funds the Future-Offers a way to fund longer-range goals like a college education for the kids or a secure retirement for a surviving spouse.
  • Leaves a Legacy-Gives parents the chance to leave future generations with the legacy of long-term financial security.

As an insurance and financial services provider, Sullivan Financial Group seeks ways to protect you from the inevitable. We serve clients all over New Jersey. We have our office conveniently located in Bergen County and we will be glad to find you an insurance plan that fits your needs. You can call us at 201-497-3334 or send us a message online.

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