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Health Insurance

Every business owner must take heed. It’s not enough that you look at trends, launch marketing plans, monitor your staff, set productivity targets and keep an eye on accounting. All these things you do are for the future of your company with the hope that it grows to serve more customers. Now, there’s one more thing that business owners have to look out for this coming 2015 and it has something to do with the Affordable Care Act.

According to the Affordable Care Act and Healthcare Reform this 2015, employers of 50 or more people must offer group health insurance to their employees, otherwise companies would have to face penalties amounting to $2,000 for every employee without health insurance coverage.

In many ways, health insurance protects your company. It protects your workers individually knowing that there are funds available in case they get sick or need surgery. Whether you have a large company with hundreds of employees or a small business that takes only 10 people to operate, it is still important to provide health insurance benefits for your most priced asset in the business – your people.

If you won’t take care of the people who are taking care of your business, don’t expect so much from the loyalty of your staff. Any employee knows that he or she is valued when the employer makes efforts to provide ample benefits in addition to the salaries they receive. The paycheck pays for their service but genuine concern from the employer will make them stay. With group health insurance, you can show your people just how much they are valued in your company.

Even when it’s not 2015 yet or your employee headcount hasn’t reached 50, you can still consider options for group health insurance. Sullivan Financial Group offers various group health insurance plans that can be included in your Compensation Package. Doing this also enables you to attract and keep key players in your company. Securing group health insurance is known to boost productivity and reduce turnover rates for many companies. A lot of professionals are not just looking for careers with good pay but also companies who offer great benefits such as health insurance.

Sullivan Financial Group can help you find a suitable group health insurance for your company. Group health insurance plans are flexible and can be tweaked to meet the specific needs of your staff. We can find a group health insurance plan that will cover the health care needs of your employees while also considering your budget for employee benefits and compensation.

Please feel free to call us at 201-497-3334. It will be our pleasure to sit down with you and talk about your company’s insurance needs. You can also visit our office in Bergen County, New Jersey to meet our insurance agents personally.

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