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Health Insurance


ImageWe take care of our family and we always go the extra mile by ensuring that they are always in good condition. If the people we care about are in their best state, we always look forward to spending more quality time with them. So when someone you value is under a health condition, things may not always be the same.

Make sure when the unexpected happens, you are protected. Our individual and family health insurance helps you overcome health challenges by getting full support, when you or a family member needs to be taken care of by a health professional or if you need admittance to a health care facility.

Health Insurance isn’t for the occasional cold. Self-limited minor illnesses don’t need medical attention. But let’s say you’re in an accident as we all know could happen, or you’re exposed to something that requires hospitalization for an asthma attack worse than anything you ever had. Or you might have something as mundane as appendicitis. The chances are small, but not negligibly so, and the expenses can be enormous. You may want a policy with a rather high deductible to keep down costs, but going without insurance is risky. If you aren’t insured you will end up with some hefty hospital bills you will be paying for years. With the added cost of paying hospital bills in our lives, our credit can be greatly affected. Decide today to protect yourself, your family, your lifestyle. Decide on Health Insurance.

Sullivan Financial Group offers you a comprehensive yet affordable individual and family health insurance. This helps you when a sudden illness strikes and you need an assurance that you or your family member will be given the appropriate health services, without worrying about the expense. Our health insurances give you superior coverage at low and affordable rates. We serve clients all over New Jersey. We have our office conveniently located in Bergen County and we will be glad to find you an insurance plan that fits your needs. You can call us at 201-497-3334 or send us a message online.

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