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Group Life

Key Person: Key People = Profit and Value

For business operations to run efficiently, every team member must play their roles. Each person matters. The skills and capabilities they are able to contribute to the company are integral in the over-all process. The fulfillment of your business’ objectives cannot be realized without the intangible asset that is your staff.

But when someone very efficient and reliable suddenly can’t go to work, due to illness and disabilities, this can greatly affect your operations. Losing a valuable employee would also mean, losing productivity and profitability in your business. When this time comes, you know it is never easy to find a replacement as competent as your previous employee.

When it comes to the protection of your important people and as well as the protection of your business, Key Person Life Insurance is the answer. It is identical to property, casualty and liability coverage. This helps safeguard your business against the loss of an employee, who would negatively affect your business operations.

This ultimately ensures that your business continues to practically operate knowing that the key players of your operations are protected.

Buy/Sell Funding: Guarantee Ownership Transfers Among Business Partners

When a business is composed of two to three owners, there is a probability that any of you can become disabled or even die before you retire. Even when your business partner can no longer go to work, or help in the office operations, he or she is still entitled to your company’s growth and profitability, until you buy out their shares and interest. But the question is how much will you be willing to pay?

When this time comes, the solution is a legally binding contract, between the partners providing the terms and conditions, under which each of you agrees to be bought out. An insured Buy/Sell agreement is right for your company and your partners. The agreement includes the valuation formula, buy out conditions, payment terms and the source of funding. A funded and insured Buy/Sell Agreement will provide you the enough financial capabilities of buying out your partner’s share if they become disabled or have died.

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