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Final Expense Life Insurance

Final Expense: “Tax Free Money For All Your “End of Life” Expenses”

Everyday life is full of uncertainties, we will never know when it is our time to leave. Well, there is no better way than being prepared, not just emotionally but also financially. Make sure that when you leave your loved ones, you won’t leave behind any financial obligations that they should take responsibility.

Just think of the cost of your casket, cemetery vault, and mortuary service. These and other end of life expenses, may cause the ones you left behind on a massive debt. Would it be better, if you can pay for your own end of life expenses? Plus, you can leave your family with tax free dollars instead?

End of Life Insurance is the answer to your problem. This helps you in paying all your end of life obligations at a 40% to 60% discount. This insurance helps you in all your end of life expenses at a lower and more affordable cost. This aides in covering all your expenses, which might be double the value by the time you will need it. After you leave, your family will never have to worry of paying the medical bills, legal fees and other expenses after your funeral.

Single Premium Life: “Safely Convert lazy Money into a Tax Free Reserve Fund”

As you age, you become prone to illnesses and other disabilities that may lead you to needing care services, such as bathing and dressing assistance or household chore assistance. With these services, it will definitely cost you a lot in the near future. With all your expenses that may not be covered by your Medicare or supplemental insurance, you have to take the responsibility.

Now, you can convert your savings into a tax free reserve fund, without having to pay taxes every time you withdraw a certain amount for your basic expenses. Tax free reserve fund lets you make the most out of your savings, without the taxation. The moment you need the money, for essential things such as, in a nursing facility or home care, you can directly withdraw it without any deductions at all.

If your cash reserves are in bank accounts or Certificates of Deposits, you need to pay tax on the interest earnings every year. If your money is set aside in mutual funds, stocks or bonds, you need to pay tax on any withdrawals, before you can actually spend the money. So, converting your cash funds into a tax free reserve fund would mean that, you can be guaranteed as much as double your deposit, depending on your age and your health.

But if you are one of the fortunate people who never needed the money, this reserve fund is immediately given to your daughters, sons or to your grandchildren, tax free.

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