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Disability Insurance

“If you became disabled today could you pay your bills tomorrow”

Welcome to the Disability Solution Center!

SFG offers the benefits of working with a top distributor of DI, including access to a broad array of competitive products from the top DI carriers.

What Is It
Disability Insurance is for an individual who wants to protect their paycheck. If you got hurt on or off the job or had an extended illness and were unable to go to work disability insurance would pay you a monthly income. That monthly income can pay your mortgage, your car payment, your food bill, your utility bills, your doctor bills and any other bills that you have in place. We provide the check and you provide that payment to your bills. The ability to pay your bills when you cannot go to work to earn an income is critical. You will be able to keep the home you love, the car you own and keep your credit in good order.

Benefits and Solutions it Provides

  • Receive a Paycheck Even When You Can’t Work
  • Keep Your Financial Goals In Order
  • Lessen the Burden on Your Spouse to Pay All the Bills
  • Receive the Monthly Benefits Tax-Free
  • Worry Less and Take Care of Your Injury and Illness Knowing Your Bills will be Paid
  • Provide You and Your Family with Financial Security

Types of Policies

  • Non-Cancellable, Own Occupation Policies
  • Blue Collar DI
  • Impaired Risk
  • Business Overhead Expense
  • Disability Buy-Sell and Key Person

Reasons why we’re the Place to Put Your DI Business

We specialize in Disability insurance
With many years of Disability insurance experience; we are able to help you recommend an optimal plan design for the most competitive premium.

We offer quality Disability insurance carriers
Assurity, MetLife, Mutual of Omaha, Principal, The Standard, and Lloyd’s of London

We have a full-time Disability insurance staff
We provide illustrations, as well as product knowledge. We keep you informed of the status of your case and work to get your policy issued quickly.

We know how to place your case
Our familiarity with health underwriting gives you added experience to help match your individual health issues with a suitable carrier.

We have strong carrier relationships
Our strong and long-standing relationships with our carriers provide you with outstanding service and exceptional underwriting.

What Types Of Disability Coverage Are Available?

  • Long-Term Individual Disability
  • True Own Occupation
  • Short-Term Individual Disability
  • Multi-life Discounts (3 or more lives)
  • Guaranteed Issue
  • Business Overhead Expense (BOE)
  • Simplified DI, Business Overhead Expense, and Buy-Sell
  • Loan Indemnification
  • Contract Indemnification
  • Key Person
  • High Limit Coverage
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Kidnap and Ransom

Who Needs Disability Insurance?

We look forward to working with you at Sullivan Financial Group. Our company is an insurance and financial services provider. We serve clients all over New Jersey. The company’s office is in Bergen County and it will be our pleasure to help you enroll into an insurance plan today.

Do you have questions about a particular insurance plan? Send us a message online! We also have insurance agents you can reach via phone – 201-497-3334.

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