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Retirement Savings Without
Investment Risk

“We can help to provide a guaranteed income for life and a secure retirement!”

It used to be a dream to look forward to retirement. Today, however, retirement life can be as unsure as the weather. You’re expecting tomorrow to be sunny, because the weatherman says so. After making plans, it rains – hard. This same misfortune could happen and is in fact happening to so many Americans. Many seniors these days have to tighten their belts because their retirement funding just isn’t enough to support the lifestyle after their work age.

As early as now, you should be thinking about long-term investments that yield returns to fund your senior years. From Sullivan Financial Group, we offer you a way out before the next national economic crisis hits. We invite you to take a look at opportunities for Investing in Annuities. This is a sure-fire way to receive a consistent stream of income for a specified period of time which you can use for your future when you reach your retirement age.

Should I invest in Annuities today?

Yes, most definitely. You will be protected against principal loss even when the market goes down. You can get steady gains and there is little (or no) management fees that you have to worry about. If you want to get the peace of mind that you’ll have reliable income sources for life, investing in annuities today is the most appropriate course you can take.

Annuity Investment Options: Educating Yourself about Funds Sources for Retirement Age

Fixed AnnuityIndexed Annuity
  • Provides a higher rate of return compared to CD (Certificates of Deposit)
  • Minimal investment risk
  • Tax deferral on earnings from your principal investment
  • You can access your money for withdrawals (penalty fees may apply if you withdraw before your retirement age of 60)
  • Includes Death Benefits for beneficiaries
  • Interests gained are not taxed until you use the money
  • Guaranteed income for your lifetime provided for the defined period or indefinitely – depending on your preference
  • Not attachable by creditors in most cases


We look forward to working with you at Sullivan Financial Group. Our company is an insurance and financial services provider. We proudly serve clients in New Jersey. Our friendly staff is available from our Bergen County office and it will be our pleasure to help you enroll into an insurance plan today.

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